Genie Residential Garage Door Openers: Excellent Choices For Your Miami or Broward County Home

If you’ve just ordered a brand new garage door for your home or if your garage door system is in need of an upgrade, it’s time you considered a Genie residential garage door opener from ADCO Garage Doors. The Genie Company has long established itself as an industry leader in garage door opener manufacturer, and here at ADCO Garage Door, we offer five different varieties of Genie-brand garage door openers, each with its own advantages sure to ensure smooth, seamless operation of your garage door system.

A growing trend in residential construction is the emergence of the “smart home,” a house that can be controlled from a computer or smartphone. All of our Genie residential garage door openers offer HomeLink® and Car2U® capability, allowing you the convenience of opening and closing your garage door from virtually anywhere in your home.

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