Architectural Series – Models 3728 & 3729

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Commercial Glass Overhead Doors - Models 3728 & 3729

Clopay Models 3728 and 3729 are for commercial and industrial facilities where ease of maintenance, versatility and durability considerations are all important.

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Joint Design: Tongue and groove section with continuous foam thermal break prevents cold or heat from passing through the section
Paint System: 3-stage paint process delivers maintenance free finish that resists rust perforation
Warranty: Limited 10-year paint/ 10-year delamination / 1 year material and workmanship
Panel Design: (3728) 2” stucco embossed steel flush steel exterior (3729) 2” thick stucco embossed steel exterior with minor ribbed pattern
Steel Gauge: 27 (.016” min) exteriror; 28 (.015” min)
Colors: White, Glacier White, Chocolate, Mocha Brown, Black, gray, Trinar White,  Almond, Sandtone, Desert Tan, Bronze

Door and Window Designs

Modern flush black garage doorFlush Panel
Modern grooved black solid garage doorGrooved Panel*
Modern flush black long right garage doorFlush With Windows*
Modern grooved black right garage doorGrooved With Windows*
Modern flush black long garage doorFlush with full view long panel windows*
Modern flush black short garage doorFlush panel with short windows*
Modern grooved black garage doorGrooved With long panel Windows*
Modern grooved black garage doorsGrooved full view with short panel windows*
*Only available with Architectural Series Windows.
Popular contemporary windows configurations


  • Windows
  • 19.5” x 16”
  • 42” x 16”
  • 1/8” Tempered
  • 1/8” Tempered Frosted
  • ¾” Insulated Tempered
  • ¾” Insulated Frosted Tempered


  • Standard White
  • Glacier White
  • Almond
  • Desert Tan
  • Sandtone
  • Bronze
  • Chocolate
  • Mocha Brown
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Trinar® White 
  • Color Blast options available


  • High Cycle Springs (25K, 50K and 100K available)
  • Exhaust Port
  • 3" heavy duty track (where not standard)
  • Double End Stiles
  • Design pressure rated (WindCode)
  • Impact Rated
  • Photo eyes, sensing edges and Operators
  • Extended 5-Year Hardware Warranty
  • Header (top) and Jamb Seals
  • High Performance Hardware Upgrade


  • Mullions
  • Break-away Sections
Model 3728   Drawings (DXF) (DWG)  Specs (PDF) (DOC 3728, 3729 Brochure Installation Manual0 Supplemental Installation Warranty (PDF)
Model 3729   Drawings (DXF) (DWG) Specs (PDF) (DOC) (RTF) 3728, 3729 Brochure Installation Manual0 Supplemental Installation Warranty (PDF)

An illustration of wall insulation

Intellicore insulation technology
Warmer. Quieter. Stronger.

Commercial doors featuring Intellicore® insulation technology represent the ultimate smart choice. Clopay’s Intellicore® is a proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into the door, expanding to fill the entire structure. The result is a door with incredible strength and durability. Its dense insulation also produces a quieter door, while its industry-leading R-values (p to 18.4) provide year-round comfort and improved energy efficiency.