A problem with your garage door tracks can send your entire day off track. If the track is bent, broken or misaligned,
the rollers can become unseated, or the whole garage door system could stop working properly. 

Whether your garage door keeps going off track or you’re experiencing the issue for the first time, South Florida’s
ADCO Garage Doors can help. Our expert technicians are trained to get to the root of the problem with as few
interruptions to your routine as possible. We offer garage door off-track repairs for simple issues and track
replacements for more serious concerns. 

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What Are Garage Door Tracks?

Garage doors operate smoothly due to a set of tracks mounted on either side of the door. The tracks guide the garage
rollers, holding them in place and aligning the door. If one or more rollers come out or your garage door goes off
track, the issue may be a broken track system.

Here are some of the top reasons your garage door may come off its tracks:

  • Damage: If something hits the garage door or tracks, the tracks can become bent, crooked or
  • Faulty rollers: If the wheels are cracked, worn or not working correctly, they can damage the
  • Improper installation: Improperly installed tracks won’t line up, putting undue stress on the
    system and causing the tracks to bend. 
  • Wear and tear: Debris buildup and improper maintenance, such as neglecting lubrication, can impact
    their life span.

Signs You Need a Garage Door Track Repair or Replacement

The following signs could indicate that your garage door track requires repair or replacement:

  • Visible misalignment: The tracks looked bent, warped, creased, twisted or cracked instead of
    parallel and flat.
  • Rough garage door movement: The garage door opens slowly, roughly or takes longer than usual.
  • Garage door won’t open: Damage or misalignment can prevent the door from moving.
  • Gappage: There should not be a gap between the track and rollers.
  • Garage door lopsided: The garage door hangs ajar or won’t close on one side.
  • Loud noises when operating: Shuttering, screeching and popping can stem from a track issue.

The ADCO Garage Doors Difference

A garage door coming off track is a serious concern. While you may be able to get it moving once or twice, the issue
will likely reoccur. Don’t jeopardize your safety or risk irreparable damage to your garage door. Let the pros handle

The expert technicians at ADCO Garage Doors will come to you and analyze the issue. We pride ourselves on transparency
and honesty, never attempting to upsell or recommend a service you don’t need. We will let you know if our honest
opinion is a simple track repair. We’ll also tell you if a new garage door track installation is the better option.
Our professionals thoroughly test each component throughout the repair process to ensure complete functionality.

Let Our Experts Replace Your Garage Door Rollers

If your garage is not operating as it should, don’t wait. Using it despite track damage can lead to a more serious
problem. Contact ADCO Garage Doors today to schedule a service
appointment in Miami or Broward County.