You wouldn’t go five years without getting your car checked out. Yet, many homeowners wait until a problem develops before servicing their garage door. Routine garage door maintenance from a knowledgeable garage door technician improves your garage door’s life span and quality. Regular safety inspections also protect your family during day-to-day use.

ADCO Garage Doors offers regular maintenance and safety inspections to keep your garage doors in tip-top shape. These checkups also let us pinpoint any problems before they worsen. We recommend yearly tune-ups to all our South Florida customers to ensure their investment stands the test of time.

What Is a Garage Door Safety Inspection?

A garage door is massively heavy, putting stress on cables, springs and other parts. For proper operation, it requires all parts to function as a cohesive unit. Your garage door may open and close over 1,000 times every year, so wear and tear are normal. 

A garage door safety inspection ensures each component works as it should. ADCO provides regular checkups to address problems before they become inconvenient and costly to fix. 

We encourage homeowners to learn basic garage door mechanics to spot common issues. However, yearly safety inspections from an experienced technician are essential. Our professionals have all the technical tools and know-how to keep your garage door in proper working order.

ADCO Garage Doors Maintenance Services

Have you begun to notice a decline in your garage door’s function? Whether it sticks, shudders or makes a loud squeaking sound, you can call ADCO and schedule a thorough inspection with one of our technicians. We’ll scrutinize every aspect of your garage door from top to bottom, including the opener. 

Our routine garage door maintenance includes a variety of operational and preventive services to optimize your garage door’s function, including:

  • UL 325 safety reverse test: This inspection ensures all required safety features are functional.
  • Lubricating parts: Proper lubrication reduces friction and stress to extend the life of moving
    parts, including chains, springs, hinges, tracks and other components.
  • Check for wear and tear: We carefully inspect wiring, cables and springs for wear, fraying or
  • Clear tracks: Our technicians check the tracks for cracks and debris, like sticks and leaves, that
    could obstruct their use.
  • Tighten hardware: We look closely at all hardware and tighten nuts, bolts and screws as needed,
    replacing worn-out or cracked ones.
  • Check balance: An unbalanced door works harder, so we test your garage door’s balance and offer any necessary spring tension adjustment or door alignment.
  • Test opening and closing functions: We check photo-eye sensors, remove the motor cover to ensure your opener operates as it should and adjust up and downforce sensitivity if needed.
  • Replacement parts: If your springs, cables, hardware or weather seals require replacement, we can
    take care of that for you.

Contact ADCO Garage Doors for Professional Inspection and Maintenance Services

ADCO is a full-service garage door company serving the greater Broward and Miami-Dade areas with impeccable work and friendly customer service. We work tirelessly to keep your garage door safe and operational for years to come. Along with residential and commercial overhead door sales, we specialize in garage door installation and repairs. 

Contact ADCO Garage Door today to schedule your annual maintenance or safety inspection.