If your garage door makes strange sounds, looks crooked or seems unbalanced, the cable may have broken or snapped. Call the experts at ADCO Garage Doors for experienced garage door cable repairs.

Our technicians will come to your home, assess the damage and replace any size garage door cable as quickly and safely as possible. We keep garage doors operational throughout Miami and Broward Counties. 

What Is a Garage Door Cable?

Garage door cables are key safety features that allow motorized door openers to lift the door along the track. These rope-like components are made of small wire threads wound together. Cables help support the door’s weight. Most systems have a cable on each side of the garage door, lifting it from the bottom section. 

If one cable breaks or snaps, the system operates lopsidedly, with the unbroken cable doing all the heavy lifting. Leaving the issue unrepaired puts undue wear on your garage door components.

Is It Time to Repair Your Garage Door Cable?

A garage door that doesn’t open or close or crashes to the floor is a clear indication that something’s wrong.
However, spotting a problem with your garage door cables before it gets to that point can save you time and money. 

Here are some signs that it’s time to call ADCO Garage Doors for a cable repair:

  • Crooked or unbalanced garage door: When the door alignment is off, it generally indicates a problem with the cables.
  • Difficulty moving: You may find that your garage door is more difficult to raise or lower smoothly.
  • Loud banging, scraping or squeaking: A broken cable can put other components under tension, causing many strange sounds. 
  • Loose cables: Garage door cables should be taught, not loose. 
  • Frayed, worn or corroded cables: You should check your cables occasionally for fraying, corrosion
    or signs of wear and tear that can weaken the entire cord.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Team for Garage Panel Repairs

Call a professional if you notice any signs that your garage door cables require repair. Garage doors are extremely heavy, with detailed mechanisms that require an expert eye. The professional technicians at ADCO Garage Doors have the skills to perform cable repairs safely and effectively. 

Plus, we offer undeniable benefits to the customers we serve:

  • Transparency: Before we begin any job, we outline your options and the associated costs so that you understand what a garage cable repair entails.
  • Industry experience: If the problem is not a snapped cable, we will investigate the source of your
    malfunctioning garage door and provide an expert solution.
  • Oustanding products: We partner with industry leaders like Clopay® to ensure an
    outstanding garage door cable fix.

Let the Pros at ADCO Garage Doors Fix Your Garage Door Cable

If your garage door isn’t working the way it should, we can help. Reach out to South Florida’s leading garage door company for impeccable installation, maintenance and repairs.
Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert garage door technicians.