Is your garage door wobbling or making a loud clacking noise? Garage door rollers are small but perform an important function — keeping the garage door connected to a set of tracks. This component allows the door to open and close smoothly and swiftly, so one wonky roller can lead to a whole host of headaches. 

The experts at ADCO Garage Doors provide experienced garage door repairs to homeowners throughout Miami and Broward Counties. Whether you require a simple roller repair or replacing the whole set of garage door rollers is the better option, we’ve got you. We’ll make sure your garage door is working the way it should.

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Understanding the Functionality of Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers look like 10 to 12 small wheels that run the tracks on either side of the garage door. When you operate your garage door, these hard-working components keep it connected to the tracks, facilitating smooth, steady opening and closing. A great deal of stress is placed on this rod-and-wheel system, so keeping the rollers in good shape is essential.

Even with regular maintenance, your rollers will experience wear and tear. You may need to replace your garage door rollers every 10 to 20 years. However, certain factors can deteriorate rollers more quickly, such as:

  • Materials: Steel rollers have a longer life cycle than nylon.
  • Climate: South Florida’s high humidity can cause rollers to wear out faster if not plated.
  • Proper maintenance: Garage door rollers and tracks should be lubricated every three months to help extend their life.
  • Frequent use: Roller lifecycles are based on how often you open and close your garage, so yours may last longer or need replacement sooner than expected.

How to Know If You Require Garage Door Roller Replacement or Repairs

When it comes to an inoperative garage door, it’s best to leave repairs to the experts. The pros at ADCO Garage Doors will come to your home and assess the problem. Our service technicians scrutinize the condition of your garage door system and will discuss appropriate solutions. We offer honest opinions and transparent pricing so you can make an informed decision. Our professionals also use industry-leading parts to ensure long-lasting results.

The following signs could indicate that your malfunctioning garage door is related to the system’s rollers:

  • Difficulty or inability to raise or lower the door
  • Loud grinding noise when the door is in motion
  • Debris buildup in the track
  • Loose or popped-out rollers
  • Rollers that wobble in the track
  • Cracked or broken rollers

Let the Experts at ADCO Garage Doors Replace Your Garage Door Rollers

Damaged rollers can bend the garage door’s track or cause undue strain on the entire system. Trying to rectify the issue yourself could lead to injury, damage to the garage door system or both. The technicians at ADCO Garage Doors can repair malfunctioning rollers or replace them if needed. We understand that your garage door is an investment, so we will never recommend an unneeded service. 

Put South Florida’s leading garage door company to work for you with outstanding repairs and maintenance you can trust. Contact ADCO to schedule a service appointment.