10 Reasons to Buy a New Garage Door

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If you’re wondering when to buy a new garage door for your property, you’re probably in need of a replacement. Review the following information if you’re asking, “Do I need a new garage door?” 

Signs That It Is Time for a New Garage Door

Even the highest quality garage doors will eventually need to be replaced. An outdated appearance or a poorly functioning system are both good reasons for a new garage door. You should consider getting a new garage door if you are experiencing these issues:

  • The door has issues opening and closing: You need convenient access to your garage, whether you park your car inside or use it for storage. If your door keeps acting up, it could be the right time to replace it.
  • The door’s appearance is outdated: Maybe your garage door was in style when you bought the property, but trends change all the time. While you can repaint doors made of metal, wood or fiberglass, other garage doors are unable to be easily altered. 
  • The door fails to be secure: If the door lacks security measures or doesn’t shut fully, getting a new door can make your garage more secure.
  • Parts or panels need to be replaced: If your garage door requires extensive repairs, it might be more affordable to buy a new one.

Reasons You Should Buy a New Garage Door for Your Home

Why should you buy a new garage door? Maybe your old door is less stable than it used to be or looks noticeably outdated next to your home’s new paint job. Below are several common reasons for a new garage door:

1. Enhanced Security

Installing a modern garage door provides improved security for your garage and your residence if your garage is attached. Having a secure garage door keeps out thieves, wild animals and bad weather.

A new garage door can come with a coding system to lock out potential home intruders. When you upgrade your garage door, you can also select a different material to enhance your storage security. An old wood or metal garage door may lack insulation, making it easier to break or drill through. A modern door is insulated and much sturdier.

2. Higher Energy Efficiency

You can reduce your utility bills if you install a new garage door with a higher R-value rating for insulation. Heating and cooling a garage space with a well-insulated door is easier than controlling the temperature when the door is flimsy.

Insulation might be particularly important if you use your garage as a living space or workshop. A door with superior insulation will make the hot summer months bearable and keep the garage warm during the winter. The money you save from lower utility bills can help you see a return on the new garage door.

Installing a new garage door can result in insurance benefits as worthwhile as a reduction in your monthly premium

3. Potential Insurance Benefits

Installing a new garage door can result in insurance benefits as worthwhile as a reduction in your monthly premium. If you get a new door, remember to inform your insurance company so you can enjoy the benefits.

The reason some insurance companies award this reduction for a new door is because of the improved safety. An older garage door poses a higher risk for theft and damages. Discuss your intention to get a new garage door with an insurance agent. Companies might have expectations about the type of door you get as a replacement or the material it’s made of.

4. Improved Safety From Storms

A new garage door offers superior protection from severe weather. If you use your garage for storage space, you can keep your belongings dry and safe from unexpected weather conditions. Choose an impact- or wind-resistant door to prepare your garage for hurricanes, no matter what you store inside.

Insulation acts as a barrier from moisture and humid air. If your garage door was poorly installed or lacks insulation, your belongings can experience weather-related damages. You can also get rubber weather-stripping on your new door. 

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Installing a new garage door system reduces your need for maintenance and the expense. You still have to perform some maintenance to keep your door looking nice, but with a metal door of a prefinished color, the care costs will be low.

You will have to clean your garage door occasionally, but it will be much easier than having to scrape off flaking paint and repaint the door.

6. Smart Technology Options

A modern garage door opener can come with smart technology that is constantly being updated. Garage door technology is designed to be user-friendly and provides the best possible security features on the market.

7. Improved Curb Appeal

A new garage door can enhance the appearance of your home. Changing such a simple feature can make your home look like a different house. You can update your color scheme with a modern garage door or get a different style than you used to have. A new door is free of dings and scratches, offering an impressive transformation if your old door was starting to look worn.

8. Increased Home Value

Updating your garage door can also increase your home’s market value because of the improved safety a modern door offers. You can impress prospective buyers by making the exterior of your home its best. A new door typically requires less maintenance to keep it looking nice, which your buyers will be happy about. Talk to your real estate agent about how getting a new door can draw interest from buyers, leading to a quicker sale.

9. Less Noise

For some owners, it’s easy to tell when to replace a garage door simply by listening. An older garage door is noisy because its mechanisms need to be repaired or replaced. New doors open and shut quietly, and if you’re replacing a very old door, the new one will have a sleeker design that generates less noise.

10. Peace of Mind

If your old garage door looks like it’s ready to fall apart and you’ve been having issues using it, a new garage door provides peace of mind. Maybe you want to update because you’re tired of all the problems, or your old door has a security issue. You can get a new door installed fairly easily as an update if you are planning to keep your home.

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