Most Popular Garage Doors Styles in South Florida  

Most Popular Garage Doors Styles in South Florida

Your garage door’s style impacts the entire look of your home. The right style can increase your curb appeal and tie your home’s exterior together. When choosing a new garage door, you want to pick a style that complements your home and boosts its resale value should you ever decide to sell. Style also plays a role in durability. Matching the style to a quality material ensures your garage door withstands the heat, winds and water of South Florida. 

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Let’s take a look at the different garage door materials you’ll encounter and how they can influence the style you pick. Dive into the best garage doors in Florida and enjoy a strong, attractive garage door for years to come. 

Material Options for Residential Garage Doors

If you’re looking for the best garage doors on the market, you need to start with material. Material, location and style are some of the most important things to consider when looking for a new garage door. South Florida garage doors need to withstand high heat and humidity. Additionally, you’ll probably want to look for a material that provides good insulation. Without quality insulation, it may take more power to cool or heat your home. Here are some of the most common garage door materials and their advantages: 


Steel is a highly durable garage door material. It offers excellent features for its value and comes in a massive variety of styles and options. Steel’s versatility and durability make it extremely popular with homeowners. While steel can be insulated or non-insulated, investing in a multilayered garage with high-quality insulation is ideal for homeowners looking to keep their energy bills down and their homes cool.

Homeowners in South Florida have to deal with high temperatures and moisture. Steel is likely to corrode in these conditions — you should get special coatings to protect the steel from corrosion. 

Wood Composite

A wood composite or fiberglass garage door is ideal for homeowners who want the look of wood without the extra maintenance and susceptibility to water damage. These doors are great for humid climates because they won’t shrink, crack or warp. Additionally, they’re low maintenance and more affordable than wood. However, wind can damage them, and you’ll have to replace the whole fiberglass door if it gets damaged. 


Wood garage doors are classic and elegant. Wood acts as a statement piece, elevating your home’s look and making it stand out. Wood is also renewable, making it an eco-friendly choice for garage doors. However, wood is much higher maintenance than other garage door materials. It will warp and rot in moisture-heavy areas, so you’ll need lots of care to keep your door looking nice. Warping is typical, especially if your garage is frequently exposed to water. 

Aluminum and Glass

Aluminum and glass garage doors are some of the best-looking garage doors for anyone who wants a contemporary-style home. They offer lots of natural light and sleek, clean lines. Aluminum and glass are lightweight, which makes them more susceptible to wind and dent damage. However, adding insulation can increase the garage’s durability and save you money on energy costs. 

Popular Garage Door Styles

Popular Garage Door Styles

Narrowing down your material can help you find quality garage doors for coastal areas, but you’ll still need to choose a style. As an authorized dealer of Clopay® garage doors, we’ve got several of the best-rated garage doors available. You can pick from some of the most popular garage door styles and still get all the wind-resistance, corrosion-resistance and insulation you need to keep your home comfortable and your garage long-lasting. 

Here are some of our best residential garage door styles: 

  • AVANTE™ AX: The most minimal and modern of our garage doors. Multiple window options allow you to customize the natural light that enters your garage while keeping your privacy. Insulated glass gives you increased energy efficiency without sacrificing style. 
  • Modern Steel™: These doors are the peak of quality and contemporary. A sleek and durable door, the Modern Steel™ series offers homeowners Intellicore® insulation and WINDCODE® options, protecting your door from storm damage and energy loss. Design options include windows or windowless, grooves or grooveless, and dozens of colors. You can style your garage door exactly as you want it and enjoy years of security and comfort. 
  • Gallery®: These steel carriage house doors elevate the look of any home. With grooved raised panels, baked-on primers and top coats, and a galvanized layer, these doors are extremely durable. Insulation options help keep your home comfortable, and a variety of hardware and finishes allow you to customize to your needs. 
  • Coachman®: A steel and composite carriage house door designed to mimic natural, expensive wood while maintaining the durability of steel. With a layered coating system, WINDCODE® product options and Intellicore® insulation, your home stays secure against wear and tear. Spade lift handles, step plates and other hardware add elegant decoration to a classic carriage house style. 
  • Canyon Ridge® — Carriage House (4-layer or 5-layer): The multilayer Canyon Ridge® carriage house collections come with 2″ Intellicore® polyurethane steel base insulation and Ultra-Grain® paint finishes. Your garage door will receive all the benefits of wood’s look and steel’s durability at a more affordable price. Multiple glass options allow natural light into the garage without sacrificing privacy. Additionally, WINDCODE® product is available to improve your garage door’s wind resistance and strengthen it against harsh weather. 
  • Canyon Ridge® Modern: A high-quality, steel garage door with a faux wood exterior to give you the look of wood without the maintenance. With Intellicore® insulation, you can keep your garage comfortable without sacrificing style. The modern series offers multiple design options like aluminum inlays, full-view glass and horizontal planks features. Use the faux wood styling to bring out the warmth in your modern or mid-century home. 
Get the Best Garage Doors in Miami-Dade County From ADCO Garage Doors

Get the Best Garage Doors in Miami-Dade County From ADCO Garage Doors

The warm, humid South Florida weather can really do a number on your garage door — ensuring you have a garage door that can withstand all that wear and tear is essential. With a high-quality Clopay® garage door, you can get the most out of your investment. From multiple insulation options to the superior WINDCODE® product, you can find an attractive, durable garage door that will protect your home for years. 

After getting your garage door, you want to make sure your installation is perfect. Poor installation can lead to serious operation issues down the road. With our professional garage door installation services, you can trust you’re getting an installation that will last. If you’re interested in elevating your home with an elegant, durable garage door from ADCO, contact us online today.