Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door

Your garage door performs many vital functions for your home, such as providing security, functionality and curb appeal. However, no garage door lasts forever — especially without the proper maintenance. That’s why it’s important to recognize when your garage door is on its last leg. 

While some garage door damages and functional issues can be easily resolved through professional repairs, others require a complete replacement. Luckily, there are many warning signs to look out for that indicate it may be time to replace your garage door.

Learn when to replace your garage door with a newer model by watching for these indicators:

1. Visible Damage

One of the most obvious signs you need a new garage door is visible damage. While minor cosmetic flaws like small dings and scuffs can usually be repaired, more serious imperfections like large dents, cracks and scratches may warrant a complete replacement. Wooden garage doors can run the risk of rotting, warping, splintering and sagging over time due to environmental effects. 

If your garage door exhibits any of these major physical flaws, it may bring down your home’s overall appearance to guests, neighbors and passersby. You can boost your curb appeal by replacing your garage door with a stylish, damage-free model.

2. Increased Energy Costs

While a more subtle warning sign of a failing garage door, increased heating and cooling costs are still significant. If you notice your energy bills have risen without explanation or your home isn’t achieving comfortable temperatures, the issues may come from your garage door.

Many modern garage doors comprise energy-efficient features like insulation, sealing joints, weatherstrips and bottom seals that prevent the outside air from seeping into your garage and, by extension, your house. However, some older models lack energy-efficient elements, while others have experienced wear on these components, rendering them less effective. In either case, getting a new garage door is your best solution. 

3. Noisy Operation

A noisy garage may require nothing more than a simple part replacement or extra lubricant. However, more severe sounds like cracking, grinding, creaking and straining are often a sign of something bigger. If your garage door’s noise level is loud and abnormal when opening and closing, that may mean it’s slowly deteriorating.

A minor nuisance now may turn into a much larger issue down the road. That’s why you should look into getting a new garage door to prevent potential injuries and damage.

4. Outdated Design

Garage doors have seen many architectural advancements in recent decades, resulting in improved style and functionality. These durable and eye-catching designs are great for increasing your home’s curb appeal and even your overall property value. 

If your garage door problem is that it isn’t keeping with the current trends, it may look old and outdated, bogging down your home’s appearance. Replacing it with a new and improved model allows you to elevate your home’s exterior with sleek styles and features that complement it perfectly.

5. Lack of Safety Features

Older garage doors aren’t always equipped with the advanced safety features newer models have, such as auto-reverse sensors that prevent doors from closing when objects or people are underneath them. Many modern garage doors also have security features like locking rods and multipoint locking systems that make it harder for intruders to break in. If your garage door problem is that it lacks these innovative safety features, consider investing in an upgrade.

6. Continuous Malfunctions or Breakdowns

If you’ve noticed your garage door isn’t operating like it used to, you may require a replacement. For example, if your door no longer opens and closes in one fluid movement, shakes on the way up and down, or moves more slowly than normal, there may be some expensive repairs in your future. Frequent breakdowns or maintenance needs are also indications of performance inefficiency that can become costly over time. All of these malfunctions are best addressed by replacing your garage door altogether.

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