5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

Day or night, rain or shine, garage doors keep your home secure. Beyond that, they boost your home’s overall look. Buying a new garage door is one of the most important decisions to make, whether you’re acquiring a new home or looking for an upgrade. Making that decision is sometimes challenging because there are many garage door types with different designs, operational structures, colors, materials and qualities on the market. We’ll make the choice simple for you. 

Here’s what to look for in a garage door:

  1. Style
  2. Materials
  3. Weather durability
  4. New technology
  5. Insulation

Let’s consider them in more detail. 

How to Buy a New Garage Door

When purchasing a garage door, select one that best suits your home’s design, provides convenient access, secures your garage and has a long life span. Choosing a garage door can be simple. This checklist will guide you:

1. Style

The first tip — your home’s architecture should influence your choice of garage door. Your home’s design is more permanent than the door you choose, so select a garage door that matches the property and contributes to its curb appeal. For instance, if your residence has a modern design, a full-view glass garage door may be the best fit. The garage door style should match your taste and preference but must also sit well with your home’s look and feel. 

2. Materials

The second thing to consider is the material used in making the garage door. Common materials include steel, wood and glass. Each material has a distinct value in terms of quality, design and impact. Let’s take a look at each type:

Steel Garage Doors

Manufacturers use steel in making garage doors because of its valuable properties. These include hardness, toughness, tensile strength and resistance to corrosion. Practically, steel garage doors offer durability and security. They require less maintenance and last longer, which means you save extra cash. 

Steel garage doors have a range of options in terms of style and design. There are different options for contemporary and mid-century modern homes and vintage-looking properties

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood is one of the most common materials for making garage doors. Wooden doors are popular due to their classic and elegant build and durability. Wood garage doors are also available in several designs with a wide range of customization options. 

The door’s quality and color depend on the kind of wood used. Cedarwood is one of many excellent picks. This wood option is lightweight and provides excellent protection against moisture and insects. It’s available in light, mixed and dark tones. You can also find fir and redwood options. You can either go with the wood’s natural tone or have the door stained or primed and painted to suit your home and improve its curb appeal.

Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors are beautiful. They are clean and simple yet stylish. Glass garage doors sit perfectly on modern designs or homes with contemporary accents. The options include horizontal plank designs, garage doors with aluminum inlays and full-view glass.

The full-view design is suitable if you want to let in a lot of natural light. You can also choose from various glass options, including clear or frosted, depending on the level of privacy you want.

3. Weather Durability

Weather is a primary consideration when choosing a garage door. The materials react differently in different weather conditions, and some weather conditions are more prevalent in certain areas. For instance, Miami-Dade, Florida, experiences plenty of heat and humidity. In July 2022, the region recorded an average temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and many homes are exposed to moisture from the Atlantic Ocean and other bodies of water. 

So, you may opt for a steel garage with coatings to protect it against corrosion. The heat makes low-emissivity (low-E) glass garage doors more suitable. It keeps radiant heat from entering the home, which means you can keep your garage cooler throughout the year. 

4. New Technology

Garage doors have developed over the years, becoming sophisticated yet simple in recent times. 

Garage door manufacturers have adopted complex technologies to make the doors smart and easy to use. Smart doors are more durable with new insulation techniques, material combinations and coatings. They’ve also become quieter and more convenient to use. You can operate or monitor the garage door remotely via your smartphone or make it open automatically when you drive up.

You may also program your garage door to close on a timer or a schedule or install alarm systems to keep your family safe. Invest in a technologically advanced garage and enjoy the ultimate smart experience.

5. Insulation

When you’re looking to buy a new garage door, consider insulation. Insulation has emerged as one of the most important considerations for a homeowner for simple but crucial reasons. Well-insulated garage doors with a good R-value can improve your home energy costs. Polyurethane and polystyrene garage doors are the best in this category.

Insulation increases thermal efficiency by resisting heat flow. The efficiency of the insulation material is measured according to its R-value. The higher the R-value, the more efficient the garage door is. Insulation keeps your garage cooler during the summer and warmer during winter, helping you maintain the temperature. This translates into two main benefits:

  • Reduces your energy costs
  • Reduces your carbon emissions

Choosing a well-insulated garage door can save you 10% of your annual utility. Additionally, they make your home more soundproof and easier to maintain, improve security and make the space more comfortable. 

Where to Buy a New Garage Door

ADCO Garage Doors represents the largest residential manufacturer of garage doors in Miami-Dade, Florida. We stock a wide range of high-quality garage doors and parts from the leading brands, including Clopay, Genie and LiftMaster. Our experienced professionals offer services specially tailored for your home. 

Choose ADCO Garage Doors for Your New Overhead Door

Choose ADCO Garage Doors for Your New Overhead Door

As we know, garages are integral to your home, making buying a garage door a critical decision. When purchasing a garage door, select one that fits your home’s designs and overall needs. Still not sure what garage door option would be best for your home? We at ADCO Garage Doors can help.

We offer a variety of residential garage doors, so you can find one that suits your home’s needs. With our garage door installation services, we’ll transform your home with a stylish and functional new door. Contact us to request an estimate today!