Tips for Buying a Garage Door Opener

In the market for a garage door opener? Here are 5 tips to consider:

  1. Make sure it comes with a one piece solid rail or track. Over the counter / retail openers typically come with a track or rail that are in three or four pieces, which tend to be a lot flimsier, not as strong and durable!
  2. Ensure that the chain, belt or screw drive systems is also in one piece, also making it a lot stronger.
  3. Opener installed by an authorized and professional dealer, safeguards proper installation, reinforcement and checking off existing door to be balanced and lubricated, which extend life expectancy of new opener.
  4. Many factory rebates are only honored if installation is done by an Authorized Factory professional dealer.
  5. Be sure to inquire about an opener’s warranties, including what is and isn’t covered.  To get the best deal, with the most coverage, consider buying from a garage door dealer, as they usually offer warranties on the installation as well as manufacturer’s warranty.

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