Johnnie S

In this day and age, its not often you come across companies that deliver what they promise. For those who do, I firmly believe in giving credit where credit is due especially when led by an owner who takes ownership and exceeds expectations.
When it comes to garage doors, the ADCO team is definitely worth bragging about!

To fully understand why I am so elated with their prompt and professional service, its worth mentioning the hunt to find someone legitimate to do the job right was the hardest part.

July, 9 2014

This journey began back in May when I started calling around for estimates. I got roughly three to four quotes over the course of two days. In that time, I found initial estimates expensive and 4-5 week wait for a permit inconvenient.

The company I originally decided to go with advised against a permit and promised 2 – 3 day installation if I kept wood framing in place. This should have been my first warning sign because it turns out framing had severe termite damage. In discovering this, I insisted on a permit which they agreed to.

It turns out, after two and half weeks of waiting, I began checking the city’s website and calling the building department directly for an update. It was alarming to learn that no permit request had been made at all. To make matters worst, the city just could not fine any information on this particular company in their data base. Something just wasn’t adding up. Also my contact with this garage door company was fired. Conversations with their owner was getting too heated.

This prompt me to contact Better Business Bureau and the State’s Attorney General. I came very close to filing a formal complaint. It took another two weeks or so just to get a refund. This was a major setback and disappointment. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth so I decided to start from scratch.

Ultimately, Adco (BBB A+ rated) saved me both time and money. Staff truly represented, showcasing real teamwork. Owner was very patient and professional, he listened and willingly retrieved the company’s credentials. The City’s supervisor over Building Permits was also able to confirm Adco’s work in the area. This was comforting and a real relief.

I actually felt at ease doing business with them before the work had commenced. If Im not mistaken, the owners wife contacted me within 24 hours to get the ball rolling for a permit. That simple act alone renewed confidence for choosing them over everyone else. It actually took two weeks to pull the permit. The installation, from start to finish took 3 hours exactly which is what their office assistant estimated. In total, this was a savings of about $400-$500 in half the time. I was speechless and am now a proud fan. I can’t thank them enough.

Johnnie Streets
Hollywood Florida Resident